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1. I see that you require a guarantor to lease in your building. What does this mean?
Once you are committed to THEO, we require all residents to name a guarantor on their Leasing application (must be over 18 years of age). This person must be aware that should this resident fail to pay their monthly rent, we are entitled to ask their guarantor for the outstanding balanced owed to THEO. The guarantor will be required to sign a form and provide pieces of identification.
2. Can my child choose their roommate?
If your child does not already have a roommate, we will do our best to make sure they end up with like-minded students. Please bring this up with your Leasing advisor during the leasing process, and we can arrange for your child and potential roommate to talk before they move in.
3. Does my child needs to bring anything from home?
THEO is an all-inclusive home away from home. However, we ask all residents to bring their clothing, hygiene items, shower curtains, bedsheets, cookware, and dinnerware.
4. Is your building secure?
A security guard and camera will be on watch 24/7 to ensure tight control on in and out traffic throughout THEO. Our Reception or Security desk is always a call away to provide help if needed.
5. My child requires unique accommodation or has a medical condition. Who do I speak to?
Should your child require accommodation, we ask that you contact the Leasing agents team immediately after submitting your Leasing application to ensure that we can assign and prepare appropriate room assignments and configurations to ensure a comfortable stay.

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