Student Housing Near University of Ottawa

Moving to CNIH or uOttawa student housing can dramatically change your school experience. Off-campus living has a lot of serious perks that you won’t get from living in a cramped dorm room. 

For starters, you'll have more living space and privacy, along with fewer restrictions. Living in a CNIH or Ottawa student housing facility also offers important real-life experiences you might otherwise only have after graduating. 

THEO Units

When it comes to student accommodation, Ottawa students are looking for housing that offers a similar level of comfort that they experience in their own homes. 

Are you accustomed to staying alone in your bedroom? Then choose to stay in our SOLO student housing.

If you like privacy but also want some company, you can also opt for the SOLO + SHARED option.

And if you prefer to be with people at all times, you can try the SHARED + SHARED unit for our larger-sized student housing.

THEO Amenities

Looking for the best student rentals? Ottawa is a great place to study and live independently. THEO student apartments come fully furnished and complete with amenities that will make shool life easier. 

There’s a HUGE difference when it comes to the amenities you’ll enjoy at THEO compared to the ones being offered at the sparse, concrete-walled dorms of on-campus living.   

● Enjoy blistering fast wifi

● Focus on your studies at our study pods and cubicles 

● Chill out at the movie lounge

● Sweat it out at the gym

● Shoot some hoops at the basketball court

Your student apartment is where you will live, study, and spend a large chunk of your school life; hence, it is important to make the right choice. THEO is an excellent option for a student apartment. Ottawa students won’t find better housing  in the area.

Conveniently located at the heart of downtown Ottawa, our facility is not only near the uOttawa campus, it’s also accessible to restaurants, supermarkets, coffee shops, bars, pharmacies, and hospitals. Schedule a tour now and see how we can help make your school life easier!